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Dante Legister resisdent dj of G parties
Every Thursday Dante Legister was resident dj for G Parties at Bar Rumba
Playground with resident dj Dante Legister
Dante Legister rise to fame djing for the Akon after party
Dante Legister was and is know for his versatility playing with some of the top names in house music
Dante Legister with Dj Chris Gold Finger
Dante Legister at West Norwood Snooker Hall forKing Hypers Birthday Bash
Dj Dante Legister
Dj Dante Legister
Dj Dante Legister
Dj Dante Legister
Dj Dante Legister
Dj Dante CMA Awards
Dj Dante CMA Awards
Dj Dante Legiste with City Vybez
Dj Dante Legister
Dj Dante Legister
Dj Dante Legister a Fridge Bar Brixton

Dante Legister started his Dj career in 2005. He discovered his love for djing and got a gig on a community radio station where he found his feet and developed his new skill. 

In 2008 He set up home working alongside a promotional team G Parties. Djing at corporate events and after parties for US recording artists such as TQ, Akon, Jagged Edge, Blackstreet just to name a few. This helped to propel his career into the right direction with a promising start.

Dante went on to work with UK Artists and Dj’s like Chipmunk, So Solid, Kano and Dj Chris Goldfinger and the renowned Tim Westwood. 

After networking and a couple of years perfecting his technique, he was getting a name for himself and getting recognized by some big names in the dancehall scene at that time. Names such as Allan Brando, Crystal Blue and Andrew Fresh (Lord Gelly's).

2010 was also the year that sling shot Dante's career into new heights as he had bagged 2 awards for best new comer to the club scene and won best new comer to radio this was a very good time for Danté as all of his hard work had paid off in a very short space of time. 

In 2011 Dante collaborated with N-Tyce and Jonny B and created City Vybez. Together they fast became the most sought out team and everyone wanted them on their events and to have them Dj for them. Notting Hill Carnival was another pinnacle moment as City Vybez had their own road at this event which went down a storm and set off another stint of success for Dante with a team by his side. 

City Vybez went from strength to strength and was booked up for event after event. 

Dante Branched out in 2012 when he launched his own company named now as Dante Entertainment. Creating a platform for all of his talents. He also at this time joined the infamous Fridge Bar. He found his home here and took up residency which lasted several years. 

In Winter 2016 Dante collaborated with Casey Janissa a US Musical Artist. She was debuting at Queen Of The Ring rap battle and Dante was to be her exclusive DJ and traveled to the event in New York to do so. 


This was the start of his international take over. 


In summer 2017 Dante would come together with Sin City events and do a season in Zante, Greece taking over the club scene out there which lead him to do a season in Magaluf, Spain in 2019 taking up residency at Capitol Bar for the whole summer. Again broadening his horizons and exploring new countries and showcasing his talent. 


Dante is still running Dante Entertainment uploading regular content for his fans and following and building his empire and beyond. 

Dante Entertainment Banner, Dj Dante Legister